Sorry the Blog is in Ruins While I’m Traveling

I’m traveling in Europe for pleasure followed by business followed by more pleasure. An unfortunate consequence of all of my jet setting is that I’ve neglected my blog. Happily, I’ve got reliable in-room wifi at this hotel. And I’ve got access to a treadmill for safe running without getting lost, so I took my first run of the trip this morning inside the little hotel gym. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like free weights marked in kilograms instead of pounds and treadmill speed and distances covered given in kilometers instead of miles to confuse the heck out of me!

When I’m not so tired, you can look forward to a little travel log discussing my adventures in Rome and now Amsterdam, as well as a review of the Adidas Adios Boost since I finished 60+ miles on that shoe before I crossed the pond. Adidas is a favored brand in Europe, so that seems kind of timely. And oh yeah, a long overdue love fest about Clif Shot Bloks (so much for spoiler alerts).

I’ve got to be at my work site early in the morning, so ciao/afscheid/goodbye for now!


One thought on “Sorry the Blog is in Ruins While I’m Traveling

  1. 2 Cups 'N Run says:

    Enjoy your travels!! I loooove traveling, I love Europe..
    The same happens to me when I’m in the States, trying to run on the treadmill in miles.. who knows what I end up doing. KG to LBS is easy, just multiply by 2 (it’s 2.2 but that’s close enough).

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