Honey Stinger Energy Chews Review


You know the smell of a freshly mopped floor that was cleaned with lemon Pine-Sol? Pretty nice as a floor smell, not so nice as a food smell.

When I opened my first pack of Limeade Honey Stinger Energy Chews, the strong chemical-based cleaner smell sent me reeling. I’d committed to a whole box of ten packs after spotting these usually expensive chews on a deals site. Gulp.

I steeled myself for a taste commensurate with the nasty artificial citrus smell, and was pleasantly surprised by a mild, inoffensive artificial citrus flavor, somewhere between green gummy bears and Sierra Mist.

The surface of the chews is slightly sticky. Not sticky enough for all ten chews to tumble out of the foil packet in one gelatinous clump, but sticky enough for two chews to stick together, or for fingers to pick up fibers or stick together after handling them. Sticky fingers during a run, especially a gloved run, feel gross.

Texture-wise, Honey Stinger Limeade Energy Chews are similar to fresh, soft gummy bears or gummy worms. They are easy to bite through and aren’t so dense that they stick to teeth much.

I’m not a coffee drinker and I cut out soda after having been a religious Diet Coke drinker, so I’m now fairly susceptible to caffeine’s effects. Black Cherry Clif Shot Bloks give me a nice jolt of energy to get me ready to lace up in the morning, or to spur me on in the middle of a long run. These…are not Clif Shot Bloks. The 32 mg of caffeine in Limeade Honey Stinger Energy Chews can’t hold a candle to the mighty 100 mg of caffeine in a pack Black Cherry Clif Shot Bloks (50 mg/serving). They gave me no discernible energy bump. Admittedly, the slight mental and physical boost of pausing for a snack with these was the same as with any other snack, not worse, but if I’m going to stop for a snack, I want that energy boost too.

Over a few weeks, I worked my way through the entire box in order to give these a fair shake and not waste my purchase.

-Gluten-free — matters to some people
-32 mg caffeine from green tea
-Inoffensive taste — not so good that you’ll be sneaking these between workouts
-160 calories per pack — these could work for a short race or workout
-Easy to chew

-Frightening smell
-Not enough caffeine

Overall, 4/10. I just don’t like my running nutrition to remind me of hospitals.


4 thoughts on “Honey Stinger Energy Chews Review

  1. 2 Cups 'N Run says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m wondering if I should buy chews instead of gels, now I know which brand not to buy. Have you reviewed the clif shot blocks, and if so could you send me the link?

    • HopeAgainstHopeRunning says:

      I haven’t reviewed Clif Shot Bloks yet, but I should get on that since I’m pretty obsessed with them! Gels gross me out (I’ve had Gu, Clif Shot, and some other heinous one at a race) with their texture and they give me stomach issues, so chews have become my go-to mid-run nutrition. I don’t feel like I have to wash them down with water or take a swig just to kill the taste.

      • 2 Cups 'N Run says:

        OK, I’m looking forward to your review actually. I might just get them if I’m at the sports store but I don’t go often (when I go my wallet takes a deep hit). 🙂
        I can see how someone would find gels gross.. however I do like them, and I don’t take them with water either.

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