Little Afternoon Win

I love Nature Valley granola bars, but sometimes it seems like I need a bowl and a spoon to eat one. Upon the first bite, the bar basically shatters into little oat-y shards and crumbs. Not very convenient for on the go! This afternoon, I’ve been too busy to come up for air, but the Hungry Monster (a cousin of the Taper Monster) started growling, so I grabbed a Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey bar from my office’s vending machine and scurried back to my desk. Both bars in the pack disappeared in about five chomps. Gone in the blink of an eye. Or so I thought. I was too intently focused on my work task to realize that I’d left behind the crumbs — fully another bite of sweet, crunchy goodness! Finding that secret last bite might not seem like much, but it put a smile on my face.


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