Saturday Long Run

After a less than stellar experience in my second run in my new Kinvara 4s (more on them later when I’ve put enough miles in them to write an informed review), I worried that I’d worn myself out with my crazy fall race schedule, so I skipped the four miles I’d assigned myself for Wednesday in my training plan and truncated my assigned Thursday miles from six to under five. Not a great start to the training plan.

Unsure of whether taking the rest was a good thing or simply a sign of my inability to stick to a training plan, I was staring down my appointed 10 miles for today with some trepidation. I didn’t want to overdo it and hurt myself and I also didn’t want to cheat myself by not working hard enough.

The first four-ish miles were pretty miserable, but I gutted through them and was rewarded with a glorious final four miles in what turned out to be an 11.04 mile run. Success! I’m still enjoying the endorphin high.


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